Testimonials From Lessons-Direct Subscribers

Your program was great to diagnose what I need to know, and the explanations were really understandable. .... I liked the Lessons Direct approach to learning. ....  Thank you , and I might use your program again in the near future.


I appreciate your kindness.  Your program is wonderful and will recommend it to my friends!  


Thanks so much for all your wonderful suggestions.  ....  Lessons-Direct, you are the BEST!!


I saw your booth at the new teacher orientation and was raving to friends about how helpful your program was. I found it better than the tutor because it allows you to spend as much time as you want on a specific problem. 


  I could study anytime I wanted in the convenience of my home.





  I liked the format of being able to select a specific area, and concentrate my study in the areas where I needed help. 


Whenever I was online with other activities, I would find myself going to this web site and start working on math problems. 


I enjoyed the convenience of having an online course, the format of the course, and the instructional approach taken. 


   The most helpful was the solution tutorial that helped to explain strategies to the problems. 


  I definitely liked this test preparation program, especially showing the approach to solving each problem. 


I took my test today and passed!   I want to thank Lessons-Direct for getting a load out of my chest. .... I will recommend your program to anyone in need of testing.