The Lessons-Direct Approach

Successful approaches to solving problems.

Unlike many tutoring programs, Lessons-Direct stresses understanding and not memorization.  The reason for this is that if you just memorize sollutions without understanding there is a strong chance that the solution to the math problem will be wrong.  Lessons-Direct provides an approach to solving the major types of math problems. If you are having difficulties with particular types of problems, the Lessons-Direct system will even let you focus on a specific type of problem


Reinforcing what you have learned.

Once you believe that you are able to solve a particular type of problem, we provide you with additional practice problems where you can apply what you have learned.  If you discover that you did not fully grasp the understanding needed to solve a given type of problem, the online program provides you with automatic links to the fully explained problems that are similar to the additional practice problems. 


Different people, different educational needs.

Since the educational needs are different for each individual, the way the Lessons-Direct program is used will be different for each subscriber.