Homeschool Math Support

Alternative Education: Homeschooling

By law, there are mandatory school attendance requirements for children and teenagers.  One of the legal exceptions to these requirements is being homeschooled and following an approved learning program.   In recent years there has been a significant growth in the number of parents who have decided to homeschool their children.  (Source: National Center for Education Statistics)


Outside Math Support

The potential problem with homeschooling is that the academic student support that is available in a traditional public or private school setting is not readily available.  As a result, there can be a need for academic, and particularly mathematics support from the outside.


Convenient and Accessible Math Support

Fortunately, outside support in math can be easily brought into the home by subscribing to the Lessons-Direct program.  Homeschooled students can utilize the same online math tutoring that public school students use.  The system is ideal for homeschool support in that it can be provided at any time of the day when it is convenient for the student and their family.