High School Math Tutoring

Most high school students don't understand math.

It is been established by numerous authorities that the majority of students graduating from high school demonstrate lack of proficiency in the field of mathematics.  The percentage of 12th graders considered to be at or above the accepted level of math proficiency is 26%. This means that 74% would be not proficient.  (Source:  National Center for Education Statistics )


Teachers and students are pressured.

This dismal statistic can have a serious impact at several levels.  Due to the increasingly demanding federal testing requirements (No Child Left Behind, Common Core, etc.) teachers are now being pressured to teach to the test.  This same pressure is transferred to their students who must be able to pass these exams in order to ultimately graduate from high school and go to college.


The need for tutoring.

Unfortunately, most students do not respond very well to this pressure.  As much as teachers try to teach all that they need in the classroom, many students have to struggle outside of class to understand needed math concepts and solve problems.  Many will need to get help in order to get the needed understanding.  This is where tutoring comes in.


Tutoring can be expensive.

As long as there have been schools and teaching, there have been tutors.  There are many well known companies that provide this type of academic assistance in both one-on-one and group sessions.  The problem for many is that tutoring can be expensive and everyone does not learn at the same rate resulting in more expense.


Affordable math support and less pressure.

Drawing on over ten years of online math test preparation experience in Florida, Lessons-Direct provides an attractive alternative to face-to-face math tutoring.  Using an online format and an independently proven method, we have been able to take much of the pressure off high school students struggling with math and at a price that their parents can afford.