Adults without high school diplomas.

A sizable segment of the adult population have not graduated from high school. The size of this population is estimated to be approximately 40 million!  (Source: GED Testing Service) 


The new TASC exam.

To apply to college or a wide variety of jobs, one of the minimum requirements is a high school diploma. A legally acceptable alternative to having a high school diploma is possessing a TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion ) certificate.  This replaces what was previously known as the GED high school equivalency diploma.  The math test is one of the five tests that requires a passing grade.  Of the five exams, many view math as the most challenging test.  Previously, of the total number of adults that could benefit from both taking and passing the GED exam, only 1.3% actually take the exam.  (Source: GED Testing Service)  


Getting the needed help to pass the math TASC exam.

If you are like the many that need to pass their TASC exam and don't have the time and/or money to attend a TASC test preparation class, you now have another way to prepare - Lessons-Direct!  The online format allows you to study where and when it is convenient for you.  Since many have been away from math for some time, the system permits you to study at your own pace.  Lastly, the price of this math support can fit into most budgets!