Frequently Asked Questions

There are two subscription prices - one (1) month for $95 and three (3) months for $195.  The big advantage of the 3-month subscription is that it provides 3 months of unlimited math support for the price of 2, thereby providing a free month!  

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How much does a Lessons-Direct subscription
cost and how long is the subscription period?

Unlike traditional one-on-one math tutoring, Lessons-Direct is an online tutoring service created to assist subscribers in understanding how to solve a wide range of math problems.  In addition to providing successful approaches to solving problems, detailed explanations for solving these problems are also included.  Suscribers simply login and can go directly to the types of problems where help is needed.

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How does the Lessons-Direct system

No.  This is one of the important differences from the usual tutoring services.  First, Lessons-Direct was designed to carefully explain how to solve a wide variety of math problems.  Second, practice problems are provided to reinforce what has been taught.  Lastly, Lessons-Direct provides explanations as to why problems were solved incorrectly. 


For most subscribers, our user-friendly system provides all that is necessary and clarifies how to solve these problems.  In many cases, material that was never taught to you will be learned in our program.  If the subscriber still needs to speak with someone, we recommend one-on-one tutoring services.


Even though there is generally no need to speak with someone, Lessons-Direct does have a Personal Talking Instructor that is always quietly available to talk to you in either English or Spanish to explain in detail how to solve a specific problem.

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With a subscription, is there someone to speak
with to explain how to solve a specific math problem?
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Most test preparation courses present sample problems, and teach you to memorize a variety of solutions. The problem with this is that when subtle changes are introduced in the problem, the memorized solution does not work, and you get the wrong answer. Lessons-Direct will teach you a unique approach to solving a variety of problems and how to correctly think through math problems to get the correct answers.

What makes this program so different from other test preparation courses? 

NO.  Lessons-Direct recognizes the primary education role of a teacher, but many times the student needs additional time and help in order to understand the material.  In these cases Lessons-Direct can step up and fill-in the learning gaps.  In reality, even the best teachers have only a limited amount of time to teach any individual student.   Fortunately, Lessons-Direct provides unlimited time allowing the subscriber to learn at their own pace.

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Does Lessons-Direct replace the need for a
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Do I need any special computer equipment or books to in order to use your system?

Once you purchase a Lessons-Direct subscription you do not have to spend any additional money to get the most from the program.  All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.


It is though helpful that you have a high speed internet connection.  In addition, if you want to use an iPad and hear the Personal Talking Instructor, you will need to first install the Puffin app.

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I’m a little new with using a computer; is this program going to be too difficult for me to use?

The Lessons-Direct program is very user-friendly. This means that if you know how to click a mouse like you have just done, you know enough to easily use the entire program. Before you work on your first problem, the online instructions that come with the program will show samples of the various screens you will see when working through problems.