Employment-Related Math Support

Teachers are required to know math.

Most public school teachers are required to pass a math proficiency teacher certification exam no matter what subject they teach. This testing occurs either prior to being accepted into a college education program (last two years of college), prior to being accepted for employment, or during the grace period during the first year of teacher employment.


Lessons-Direct was only available to Florida teachers; it is now available to educators nationally.

Lessons-Direct currently helps educators in the State of Florida pass their required teacher certification exam in math.  Variations of this same requirement for teacher certification exists throughout most of the country.  (PRAXIS I teacher certification test in math.)  Lessons-Direct now provides math support to teachers nationally!


Many industries require knowing math.

Aside from teaching there are numerous jobs that require employees to be capable in math. Many of these jobs are going unfilled because of the weakness of applicants in math.  It may vary from industry to industry, but many have employment tests for applicants of which one is math competency.


Lessons-Direct can help you get or keep your job.

If math competency is necessary for the job you want or the position you have Lessons-Direct can be the key to advancement in your career.  Even if it is no more than getting help with math in order to do your job, you can now conveniently get the math help that you need.  The convenience of the system allows you to study when you are not working and no one needs to know!


See the list of some of the jobs that require competency in math.