Many students entering college do not know math.

There is currently a national crisis where the majority of students graduating from American high schools do not meet the minimum level of mathematics proficiency required in institutions of higher learning (colleges).   In New York City, the percentage of entering students in this deficient category is as high as 80% !  (Source:  City University of New York)


Paying for non-credit remedial courses.

As a result, students have been accepted for admission to colleges across the nation and are required to pass math proficiency exams before being permitted to take college math courses.  The problem with that is that many of these colleges do offer remedial courses, but they are as expensive as other college courses and are not credited towards their college degree.


A less expensive and faster way to pass.

There is a cost-effective alternative to these expensive remedial courses - Lessons-Direct. Prior to registering for courses with college credit, subscribe to Lessons-Direct in order to prepare for your college pre-entry math proficiency exam.  If you pass the exam, you will have successfully met that college requirement.  If you don't pass, you have Lessons-Direct to help you to retake the exam and pass.


College Pre-Entry Math Proficiency Exam