Includes math tutoring support with a Personal Talking Instructor in both English and Spanish

 * This category includes test prep for the
Florida Teacher General Knowlege Math Exam (Third Edition) and
PRAXIS I Exam in Math

Independently Proven to be
Effective and Math Tests

The Lessons-Direct learning system was originally developed to assist Florida educators pass their required teacher certification exam in mathematics.  This same system has now expanded to assist a wide range of users to pass high-stake math exams and provide online math tutoring.





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Whether buying a product or service all companies will claim to do what they say they will do.  This also includes math tutoring and support services.  


When Lessons-Direct was first introduced, we had to assist people in Florida that repeatedly failed a required high-stake mathematics exam.  After using the Lessons-Direct test preparation system, the majority of these individuals passed this exam.  As a result, Lessons-Direct was endorsed by the Broward County School District (the 7th largest school district in the country).


Lessons-Direct is proven to help
you to pass math!


Studies have determined that individuals do not learn the same way.  Some learn best by carefully reading. Visual learners require a demonstration that they can see.  Auditory learners learn best by listening to a well-developed explanation.  In our increasingly diverse society, many of these learners can best understand when taught in their native language.  Others, no matter how they best learn, simply require more time than others to understand the subject matter.


Lessons-Direct has been designed to help you to learn math the way that works  best for you. 

​Today, there is more and more emphasis on being able to handle mathematics.  Whether it is (a) passing a geometry class and graduating from high school, (b) being able to begin to take college math but first must pass the college entry math test exam, (c) needing to pass your GED exam in order get a better job, or (d) simply to become more comfortable with math in order to keep your job ....


You need to be able to understand and  solve  a variety of math problems!

Different Math Situations;
the Same Needed Math
Most Students Do Not
Understand What Is Being Taught

Nearly 80% of city public high-school grads at CUNY community colleges require remediation for English or math Is 


March 7, 2013

College Preparedness Lacking, Forcing Students Into Developmental Coursework, Prompting Some To Drop Out

Researchers say that remedial numbers have increased from nearly one-third of incoming college freshmen in 2001, to about 40 percent currently. The most common remedial -- otherwise known as “developmental” -- classes are math, .....


June 18, 2012

Different People
Require Different
Approaches to Learning
Welcome to the
Lessons-Direct System for Help In Math

Your program was great to diagnose what I need to know, and the explanations were really understandable. .... I liked the Lessons Direct approach to learning. ....  Thank you , and I might use your program again in the near future.

—  Dottie C.

Your program is wonderful and will recommend it to my friends!  

— Amy T.

I took my test today and passed!   I want to thank Lessons-Direct for getting a load out of my chest. .... I will recommend your program to anyone in need of testing.


— Dorothy W.